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Tone Up T-Town: True40 Tuscaloosa Leaves You Revived and Empowered

19 Mar 2018 Sheena Gregg
I was excited when I arrived for my early morning workout alongside True40 Studio Manager Lizzi Benton. I was excited when I arrived for my early morning workout alongside True40 Studio Manager Lizzi Benton. Sheena Gregg

If you’ve driven down Rice Mine Road anytime recently, chances are, you’ve noticed quite the boom of businesses within The Village at Northbank development. If heading to the Village for the tasty creations of Urban Cookhouse wasn’t enough, the retail area now boasts its newest resident, True40 Fitness Studio.  

According to owner and creator Allie Weingarten, True40 is all about embracing the body you have.  

My overall goal was to make people feel comfortable in their own being,” said Weingarten. 

Tuscaloosa studio manager Lizzi Benton agrees that it’s all about having the journey of realizing how strong your body can be.  

“I really love that the concept of this studio is centered on strengthening the body that the Lord gave you; I feel like this has been a personal ministry moment for me to give our clients who were previously scared of exercise a way to challenge their body and feel confidence in themselves,” Benton said.  

Designed for clients across the age spectrum with varying levels of exercise experience, True40 aims to give each patron a comprehensive workout – regardless of their current fitness level. The 60-minute classes focus on low-impact, intentional movements that drive core strength.  

After hearing the buzz about True40 from friends, I knew I needed to try a class for myself. Waking up bright and early for a 5:30 a.m. class, I was excited to experience instruction from studio manager Lizzi Benton. With six other women along for the ride, I was glad to have an intimate sized class for my first time. Though a beginner to the class, I found the low-impact movements easy to learn and easy on my joints. And, if we’re being honest, the lack of jumping (and jiggling) made me feel quite comfortable as well. 

What I learned from my experience at True40 is this: low impact does not mean easy. The amount of core work is unlike any other class I’ve been to, and the variety of ages, shapes, and sizes in my morning class was truly inspiring. You know it’s a good workout when your abs hurt while sneezing or laughing!  

Overall, I believe True40 gives a unique workout experience that embraces the novice and advanced exerciser alike. The sense of community that the studio has brought in, despite being open less than a month, is impressive. 

For more information on True40, including class times, visit true40studio.com. 

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