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UAB Research is one of Discover’s Top 100 Stories of 2015 Featured

02 Feb 2016
David Sweatt Lab David Sweatt Lab UAB

UAB researchers in neurobiology have had their work listed as part of Discover Magazine’s “Best Stories” which highlights work in science from medicine to technology.

Jarrod Meadows, J.David Sweatt and John J. Hablitz are part of UAB’s Department of Neurobiology. Their work on methylation (which is a part of the complex system of memory in the brain) was cited in the article.

“The brain is quite the circus act: It constantly juggles the complex job of processing a daily barrage of new experiences with the equally daunting task of storing memories,” wrote Andy Berger, the magazine article’s author. “But scientists never understood how it managed to pull this off. Now, two studies published in June reveal it’s because neurons, brain cells that transmit messages, alter their DNA constantly.”

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