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Local Janitor Up for Nationwide Award - Local Votes Can Help!

16 Mar 2016

Jerome Lewis has been the Head Janitor at Crestline School for 8 years. This year he was nominated and has become a finalist for the Cintas Janitor of the Year.  Cintas is one of the nation's largest cleaning companies and has  approximately 30,000 employees.

The award comes with $5,000 for the winner and $5,000 for the winning school.

Described as the heart of Crestline Elementary School, Mr. Jerome makes every child, administrator, teacher, parent and visitor feel welcome. With a smile always on his face, Jerome has seen, smelled and cleaned it all – from bathrooms to locker rooms to the cafeteria.

Two years ago, Mr. Lewis battled esophageal cancer; however, he never allowed it to slow him down at work and most certainly never allowed it to dampen his spirits. The children saw an adult who they love and care for go through an extremely difficult experience while never losing his smile, never becoming bitter and working hard to persevere. Always there to open the door or give a child a high five or hug, Jerome is one of a kind. He is a beam of sunshine for the children at school every day, and his optimism, encouragement and positivity are infectious.

As one student puts it, “Jerome is a breath of fresh air even when the day stinks.”

Help "Mr. Jerome" win this award by voting here (scroll to the bottom of the page for the drop down to vote for Jerome Lewis).

Last year there were only 100,000 votes in total, so your vote really matters.

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