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Druid City Living Teacher of the Month: Nikki Cabler, Lake View Elementary

20 Mar 2018 Faith Henley
Druid City Living Teacher of the Month: Nikki Cabler, Lake View Elementary Nikki Cabler

A teacher plays a crucial, influential role in every one of their students’ lives. Great teachers, like Nikki Cabler, don’t take that responsibility lightly.  

I feel that teachers not only teach academic and life skills, but model and instill character traits that people exhibit for a lifetime,” Cabler said. “Teachers can contribute in a positive or negative way to a child’s self-esteem and self-worth.”

Cabler has been influencing students in the Tuscaloosa area for two decades. She began her teaching with an internship at Brookwood Elementary, where she continued to teach until the opening of Lake View Elementary.

Though she has always taught kindergarten and 1st grade, that doesn’t stop her young students from returning many years later to share the impact she had on their lives. 

If a child does not feel respected, they will not show respect to others,” Cabler said. If a child is not praised and supported by the adults surrounding them, they will never gain the self- confidence needed to succeed.”

In a fast-paced world, Cabler strives to bring calmness to her students lives and teach in creative ways that appeal to every student’s learning style. A strong focus on each student as an individual, and an understanding of their unique needs, allows Cabler to teach to the best of her ability. 

With the rise of social media and huge cultural shifts, most would agree today’s children face a plethora of problems not faced by the generations before them. In a world that can sometimes be uncertain, Cabler feels teachers have a unique opportunity to be a stable role model for their students.

“Be a positive role model for your students,” Cabler said. “With many households having both parents working, many times you spend more time with the students than their own families. You have a major impact on their lives. They notice and mimic all of your behaviors, so make them positive.”

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