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Flight Prices Out of Birmingham Spring Break 2016

10 Mar 2016
Flight Prices Out of Birmingham Spring Break 2016 Brasfield Gorrie

Still looking for something to do for Spring Break? Looking for a flight to get out of town? There are still flights available the week of spring break and even a few deals.

Here is an overview of flight prices out of Birmingham the week of March 26-April 2, 2016.


Click here for more info on international flights



Click here for more info on domestic flights



Southwest has lots of direct flights out of Birmingham. Also, their bag policies make their posted pricing much closer to the real thing since they don’t charge extra fees for basic bags. There is a 3 day sale that ends TODAY (March 10th). But it is worth checking their flights for spring break even if you don’t catch the sale today.

Click here for the specials ending March 10th



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