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Best Ice Cream Places in Alabama

One of the best summer treats comes in a truck, a cup, a cone and a range of other vehicles. It comes with sprinkles, fudge, whipped cream or any other topping that a tummy desires. Ice cream is a timeless treat that is enjoyed by every age from one to 99. It’s happiness in a scoop, which is why we’ve got the top ice cream sellers in your areas right here.





Cold Stone Creamery


Made “because the world deserves better ice cream,” Cold Stone Creamery brought a store of its well-known chain to Tuscaloosa’s Strip right beside The University of Alabama. Though there’s cake, yogurt and sorbet, the main attraction is the chain’s creamy and customizable ice cream. You can grab a “Like It” or a “Love It,” but no matter the size, you won’t be disappointed.


Dippin’ Dots


For a different ice cream experience, Dippin’ Dots is always ready to supply you with its funky little beads of goodness. The chain does supply some sugar-free options, sorbet and yogurt, but you won’t want to miss out on the genuine Dippin’ Dots experience. You can stop by the store on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway or you can even get this ice cream delivered straight to your doorstep!


Steel City Pops


Not your typical ice cream here. While the ‘pops’ of Steel City Pops suggests a slushy texture like that of a popsicle, these pops are different in almost every way. Inspired by Mexican paletas, Steel City Pops specializes in creating creamy and fruity pops that change the ice cream game. This company also focuses on only using organic ingredients and sweeteners, which is definitely evident in every pop.




Edgewood Creamery


The only bad thing about Edgewood Creamery is that, eventually, you have to choose. But don’t worry, the staff is friendly and will let you sample the enticing choices. Customers can’t stop talking about the homemade waffle cones and flavors like Mexican Mocha. Chunks of creamy ice cream are paired with the shop’s minimalist décor and great service. Whether it’s ice cream for the park down the street or an after-dinner treat, this creamery won’t let you down.


The Whole Scoop Ice Cream Shop


Though The Whole Scoop Ice Cream Shop is actually located in Hoover, the family establishment is worth the trip. Family carries over into the décor, with customer-decorated spoons on the walls and little stools to help children see the treasure that awaits their tummies. As for the ice cream, it comes in several different shapes and sizes. Sundaes, shakes, fizzes (sorta float, sorta shake) and even Frappucinos are available.


Mountain Brook Creamery


The old fashioned ice cream parlor feel is just the cherry on top for the Mountain Brook Creamery. The ice cream shop has rows and rows of flavors, such as Salted Caramel and Strawberry Cheesecake to name a few. Even chocolate flavors have their own section of variations. The creamery offers Only 8 Frozen Yogurt as a healthy alternative to the ice cream indulgences. Add a friendly staff and a customer-friendly atmosphere, and you’ll be back for more.




Nancy’s Italian Ice


It’s not the typical ice cream selection, but Nancy’s Italian Ice has garnered a spot on our list anyway. Located on Vaughn Road, the small gelato shop has surprised and delighted customers with its special combo of Italian ice and soft serve. The popular “Fancy Nancy” and other surprising concoctions – cookie dough Italian Ice anyone? – will have you stopping by for a second taste.


California Yogurt Kraze


This self-serve fro-yo shop is all color and choices that are completely up to you. Though it’s another variation on actual ice cream, this fro-yo shop supplies customers with nutritional information and tons of toppings to choose from. Customers pay by the weight of their cups, so don’t be shy about filling up. With two locations in Montgomery, the California Yogurt Kraze is catching on.


Bruster’s Ice Cream


Labeled as “a scoop above the rest,” Bruster’s is a Mecca of sorts for all things ice cream. On top of the creamy desert, Bruster’s serves cakes, pies, blasts, ice, yogurt, sherbet, shakes and more. To add to the crowd-pleasing smorgasbord, no sugar added options are also available. While the menu is overwhelming, a personalized masterpiece is the guaranteed result.


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