Local No Cook Ideas To Treat Mom For Mother's Day

05 May 2016

Do you want to give Mom a day off from cooking, but you are terrible, no good or awful in the kitchen?

Here are some fancy ideas for breakfast in bed, a gorgeous lunch after church or a relaxing dinner that involve NO COOKING.


Breakfast in Bed

The keys to a special breakfast in bed are:

  • A pretty tray
  • Flowers (a single flower can be perfect)
  • Favorite or fancy pastry
  • Fruit in a pretty bowl (get out the fancy crystal)
  • Coffee or tea (or diet Coke if that's her favorite way to caffeine)
  • Mom doesn't have to clean it up

If you don't have a pretty tray,  take a few cloth napkins or pretty piece of cloth and place it over a cookie sheet. Publix has doilies for $1.69 next to the paper towels if you can't find anything cute to cover the tray.  Add a flower - even flowers from your yard add that special something. 

For special pastries, check out Klingler's in Vestavia. Their cheese streudel is out of this world.  Or pick a pastry selection from long time Birmingham favorite, Savage's in Homewood.  Local grocery stores also have wonderful pastry selections. Get something that is both a favorite and not an everyday treat. Put the pastries in a pretty basket with a napkin or tea towel.  If it is last minute, go through the drive through at Starbucks.  Then take it home and put it on the pretty tray with a flower.


Lunch after Church

There are a ton of restaurants that are having special Mother's Day lunches.  But if going out is not a good fit for your family (maybe the children are too little or you have family members with special needs), you can still do a delicious lunch at home without cooking.

The keys to making it special are:

  • Decorate the table - use a tablecloth, the prettiest dishes you have, flowers or candles
  • Clean it up - it's no fun for Mom if she is the one doing all the work.
  • Pick things she likes to eat.  Sometimes Mom just wants something delicious and light. Some Moms want a fancy to-do. Some Moms are junk food junkies.  It’s her day!

Everyone Around the Table

Some Moms simply want is all her people around the table.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a big meal without Mom having to work herself to death?  Put a tablecloth on the table (they have them at Dollar Tree if you don’t have one) and add some flowers or candles.   But make sure your lunch reflects what Mom likes.


Honey baked Ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls and a salad mix picked up from the grocery

Tracy's sides available at Western Supermarkets in the freezer section are delicious and give a local flair.


Light and Casual

Soup and Salad

Good quality soups, like homemade Shrimp and Crab gumbo from Spoon and Ladle soups (available at Western) or  soups from the deli at Fresh Market or Whole Foods plus a fancy salad can be lovely. Splurge on the highest quality you can afford. Pick up a salad mix and a fresh salad dressing (usually in the case in the produce section). Add a bottle of wine or her favorite soft drink in a pretty glass.


Pizza Party

Mom likes a pizza party too.  Order in from your favorite place or pick up some of the heat and bake from Sam’s or Costco.  Serve with a salad and ice cream floats (if that floats her boat).


Fried Chicken

I asked my mom what she likes and she wanted fried chicken from Jack’s.   She also said that she wanted her mom and grandmother there for lunch (sniff). I can’t make that happen as they are heaven sent, but I can pick up some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, slaw and biscuits. You can even order the family meals online.  Get some gourmet cupcakes from Dreamcakes or Edgar's to make it special.


The key to Mother’s Day is to let Mom know that you are thinking about her and appreciate her.  Little touches show that you went out of your way. It doesn’t have to break the bank or be complicated to give her a great day.



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