Lake Living: Living by Our Own Time Clocks

28 Sep 2016 Allison Adams

This month’s column is about life’s most valuable commodity. We sacrifice it for the possibility of something better – or because we think we have to. We thrive when we hoard it. We suffer when we neglect it. The world dictates it. 

I am talking about sleep.

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, Nov. 6, leaving us one month to savor the precious “after-work” light that lingers before the lightening bugs welcome the darkness. 

March 12, 2017, will be the next time we can appreciate that pre-evening boat ride after work.

As I grow older, I wonder why I don’t live my sleep-life more authentically. My rituals are still ruled by other people. Daylight Saving Time was created by a number of light-happy optimists, including a New Zealand entomologist who first proposed the idea in 1895, to William Willett in 1905, who inspired Robert Pearce in 1908 to propose the first bill to benefit farmers. He died before it came to pass. It would come to light during WWI in 1916, with Germany enacting the time change to save fuel for war efforts. Britain and the U.S. soon followed suit. President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated year-round DST in the U.S. during WWII beginning Feb. 9, 1942, and ending Sept. 30, 1945, when the “Eastern, Central and Pacific War Time” became known as “Peace Time.” 

The Uniform Time Act of 1966 set dates for the last Sunday in April and the last Saturday in October as the period of DST. States had the freedom to opt out.

I’d love to propose that we live by our own time clocks. 

Sure, my husband is on the opposite life schedule, up at dawn and exercising with other early morning enthusiasts. He arrives home as I am waking up. I fought it in college, my 8 a.m. classes kicking my butt. Why couldn’t I have embraced my inner time clock much earlier?!

I was born at 7:25 p.m. My LIFE actually began at night. So why is there a question when I peak near midnight? Don’t call me too early, but if you want to see a house at 5:30 or even 8 p.m., I’m your gal. Inspiration to write actually comes when I wake up the second time after getting my daughter off to school (yes, he drives her). Journaling first thoughts, lists, devotion time, organizing my brain the way I naturally do without an alarm keeps creativity at the forefront, making my checklist-type day go much smoother. I like the Realtor life. When is the last time you heard of an 8 a.m. showing? 

Why should we “fall back” now? “Daylight saving time for life,” I say.

We have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I need some “freedom of sleep.” Think of the coffee beans we might save if we all arise naturally. There would be more peace. “#OnMyTime” enthusiasts unite!  Even when light “policy” dictates, we still have the choice to utilize it as we see fit. Mine will be under the covers come Monday, Nov. 7.

I am thankful for policemen and firefighters whose day begins as I am ending mine, keeping our darkness a bit safer. We should acknowledge those with night shifts. They work in our factories and in municipalities and hospitals. Without night owls, where would the world be?

May God Bless these times in America,


Allison Adams blogs at She is a Realtor on Lake Tuscaloosa at

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