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By Tori Linville


Packing for any trip can be overwhelming, especially for the beach. The surf is calling, but before you can get there, you have to pack. Beach checklists have the usual swimsuit, sunscreen, beach towel thing going on – mostly, it’s common sense stuff. Which is why we’ve linked some free, printable checklists for you to use instead of listing another one here.


Instead, we’ve scoured the DIY organization bliss that is Pinterest for some checklist suggestions that aren’t always mentioned or are worth mentioning twice. Check them out and see why we think they should be part of you checklist for good.


Beach Tent


Create your own beach side cabana by bringing along a tent for some ultimate sun protection. Not only does this feature a sand-free room, it’s a perfect way to store all your beach items in one place that proves best for windy days. Store your cooler, your valuables and your exhausted beach-goers all in one place. Get one big enough for the whole family to maximize the fun.


Upcycled Ice-Cream Containers


We’re talking the bulk ice-cream containers. The ones with the handle. The ones your family works on for months. Instead of just tossing these in to (hopefully) a recycling bin, bring them to the beach. Keep the lid to store snacks on the way to the beach. Once you’re there, pop said lid off to store beach toys or finds that just can’t be left behind in the sand. Or just pop in some ice and create your own drink chilling station.


Baby Powder


Proven to remove sand from the crabbiest of beach bums. This is a no-brainer that needs a second mention. If you’re finding sand in your toes after the beach is behind you, baby powder or any type of basic cornstarch can rid you of your grainy woes.


Tide App/Chart


Download a free tide app before you hit the beach to be scary accurate on where to hang out for the day. Apps like Ocean Watch or TideApp will have you knowing down to the minute when the sandcastles will be stormed by the waves.


Sand Spiker Drink Holder


Definitely not a necessity, but a cute idea all the same. Grab one of these personalized made-for-the-sand cup holders here for only $7! Use as a weird sandcastle mold if you’re trying to justify the use.


Sites that offer free, printable checklists:













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