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By Tori Linville


So you’ve got a festive drink in your hand (hopefully complete with umbrella) and toes are firmly in the cool sand. The only thing in front of you is the waves lapping at your feet and an undisturbed horizon that your eyes can’t get enough of. You go to pet your trusty sidekick, but he’s not there. Why? Because the beach you’re at doesn’t allow pets. How do you find the perfect beach for both you and your best friend? Check out the one’s we’ve found just for you.


Fort Morgan Beach


Though dogs are only permitted if on a leash, it’s better than sitting at home and missing out. If you do bring a pet, it’s recommended that you stay between the Engineer’s Wharf and the fishing pier. The best place to park is probably best at fort parking or at the pier, because lots can get crowded. Luckily, the beach itself doesn’t have too many complaints of overcrowding. The beach is parallel with the main road, but there is a fine if you take a dog outside permitted areas.


Dauphin Island


Pups on a leash are allowed at the public beach around the year at Dauphin Island. The best bet is most likely the beach near the old fishing pier. This area stretches for a few miles and is ideal for owners to bring their pets to play. Dogs aren’t allowed at West End Beach Park at the extreme west end, though.


Cape San Blas


Perhaps some of the most inviting beaches can be found at Cape San Blas. Pups of all kinds are free to roam and play as they please while on a leash. Avoid marked turtle nests and be sure to utilize the doggie waste disposal stations to keep the dog-friendly aura alive!



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