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What to Bring to a Tailgate Featured

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By Tori Linville

It’s a nationally known fact that the South takes its football seriously. So seriously, in fact, that there’s often that little saying that the four seasons in our neck of the woods are actually Winter, Spring, Summer and Football. No argument there.


But it doesn’t stop with Football. It could be argued that there’s another season that’s growing to be pretty big on it’s own. Football’s little brother, Tailgating season, is here and it’s past time for you to secure your spot on an SEC campus for the ultimate pregame experience.


Tailgating season means grilling. It means having great times with good friends. It means you need supplies. Most of all, it means business. We’ve listed some tailgating essentials just in case you need help double checking when the time comes.


First off, where’s your cooler?



Whether it’s five gallons or 500, you’re gonna need one. Hydration is key and keeping your drinks on ice is a must. We don’t really need to say much more, but this:


Are you wearing comfy shoes?


This is mainly a concern if you’re trying to look super put-together. Dress up all you want, but dress down when it comes to the shoes. You’ll be on your feet for a while, so don’t forget it.


Where’s your grill?


Only one of the most important tailgating tools. Ever. This puppy brings the burgers to your friends and the hot dogs to your kids. Now imagine them minus the food. Hungry. Angry. Hangry.


If you’re in the market for a new grill, try out designer Eddie Licitra’s newly designed grill with tailgaters in mind. Foldable, customizable and it’s even able to double as a dolly.



Don’t forget some of the ingredients that make tailgating great:









Plastic Plates/Utensils

Trash Bags

Paper Towels


Hand Sanitizer

Duct Tape

Wet Wipes

Bug Spray



Folding Chairs


First Aid Kits

Jumper Cables (because you never know)



Article sponsored by the Hudson Poole.

Find them on the web at: http://www.hudsonpoole.com


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