10 Beautiful Varieties of Anthurium

The Anthurium genus has about 1000 species. The flamingo flower is one of numerous names for these plants. Since their 1980s fame, anthuriums have become popular houseplants. They grow outside in tropical climates.

1. Ace of Spades

‘Ace of Spades’ is a beautiful hybrid anthurium with unknown origins. Its heart-shaped leaves give it its name. Long, deep green, velvety leaves. 

2. Acropolis

Known for its lengthy vase life (up to 30 days), ‘Acropolis’ blooms make outstanding cut flowers. The flowers have big, glossy white spathes. White at the base, yellow at the end. This rare cultivar is popular with floral designers.

3. Anthurium Balaoanum

This cultivar grows swiftly to 120' wild. It can reach eight feet indoors under ideal conditions. Big leaves help this plant survive inside. Leathery, elongated heart-shaped leaves sparkle. Maroon-green blossoms open brown. Native Ecuadorian.

4. Anthurium Brownii

The huge, elongated heart-shaped leaves have ruffled edges like fiddle leaf figs. Yellow veining creates ribbed, glossy, leathery leaf tops. While it blooms year-round, its foliage is more treasured. 

5. Anthurium Crystallinum

Anthurium crystallinum is prized for its striking leaves, but many anthuriums are bought for their colourful, long-lasting flowers. They clean the air and like climbing structures.

6. Anthurium Decipien

The immature leaves of this Colombian species are smooth, heart-shaped, and medium green. Since this species grows rapidly, its smaller leaves will soon be replaced by large ones. 

7. Anthurium Insigne Gigantea

Ecuadorian A. insigne grows to 15 feet or more. The leaves can be four feet long! This plant needs lots of water and nutrients, so keep it moist and fertilised. It needs high humidity, 80% is ideal.

8. Anthurium Pedatoradiatum Jari

This somewhat compact anthurium has unusual finger-shaped leaves, making it popular with collectors. For its pinnatifid leaves, this southern Mexican plant is becoming popular. 

9. Anthurium Jenmanii

Bird's nest-shaped Anthurium jenmanii has broad, elliptical leaves. Leaves start pale yellowish green and develop glossy green. The plant favours dry environments and is susceptible to overwatering. 

10. Anthurium Luxurian

One of the most expensive anthuriums due to its rarity and beauty. My experience shows that it is also one of the hardest to care for. Among the most costly houseplants in genera, an established plant can cost $1,000. 

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