10 Beautiful Yarrow Varieties for Your Garden

Gardening with yarrow is very beautiful and nostalgic. Those umbels of tiny, nicely shaped blooms look old, and the fernlike foliage gives garden beds airy texture. Yarrow, an Asteraceae plant, is delicious, pollinator-friendly, and pest-resistant.   

1. Red Velvet

First, I love my garden yarrows. The velvety crimson umbels of this plant's spring blossoms are very nostalgic. "Crimson Velvet" has tightly packed crimson blooms with golden centres. This crimson hue and blossoms last longer than others.   

2. Coronation Gold

This award-winning variety commemorates Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. ‘Coronation Gold’ is heat- and drought-resistant and low-maintenance. Golden flower umbels up to three feet tall feed garden pollinators.  

3. Sassy Summer Taffy

A mid-sized plant with huge umbels on robust stems, ‘Sassy Summer Taffy’ is perfect for borders and rock gardens. A deep salmon flower turns pale pink. Different colours appear on the same plant and stem. This pink yarrow draws butterflies.  

4. New Vintage Violet

The compact, heat-tolerant yarrow ‘New Vintage Violet’ blooms all autumn. Long-lasting pinkish-purple flowers have creamy centres. Its small size makes it perfect for border or container gardens.   

5. Sassy Summer Sunset

The grander yarrow ‘Sassy Summer Sunset’ grows to three feet tall with extra-large flower umbels. Bicolored flowers have bright orange and yellow petals with yellow centres. Umbels appear golden from afar.   

6. Paprika

Seasonally, ‘Paprika’ yarrow grows to two feet. Open deep crimson blooms with golden centres. The blossoms lose colour, unlike ‘Red Velvet’. Age makes them pale pink and creamy.   

7. Desert Eve Terracotta

I'm here for terracotta's moment. Earthy and relaxing, this terracotta orange goes with everything! ‘Desert Eve Terracotta’ yarrow blooms large and colourful.  

8. Firefly Peach Sky

Meadow gardens benefit with tall, billowy ‘Firefly Peach Sky’ yarrow. Long stalks with small flower umbels sway in a breeze. The distinctive peachy orange flowers of this yarrow fade with age, adding to its charm.   

9. Appleblossom

Like other varieties, ‘Appleblossom’ blooms long and changes colour. The shrub's huge, full umbels of pink flowers fade to white with varied tints. Deadheading routinely lets this cultivar bloom from early summer to early October.  

10. Firefly Diamond

Like Queen Anne's Lace and Ammi, this yarrow has a similar feel and garden purpose. It blooms longer, which is fantastic. The feathery, blue-green foliage of ‘Firefly Diamond’ is topped with creamy white flower umbels.   

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