10 Best Cool Down Exercises to Recover and Stretch After a Workout 

Quad stretches can help ease muscle tension and stimulate blood flow. They’re especially beneficial after running.1 Here's how to perform a standing quad stretch. 

Quad Stretch

The large muscles behind your thighs are your hamstrings. Hamstring stretching relieves hip and tendon tightness.2 How to stand hamstring stretch. 

Hamstring Stretch

You can chill down and ease tension by stretching your calves. Calf stretches helps relax leg muscles after a workout.3 Add a standing calf stretch to your cool-down.

Calf Stretch

Stretching your triceps can help to loosen and free connective tissues in your upper body and joints. It may also improve your range of motion. Here are the steps to performing an overhead tricep stretch 

Tricep Stretch 

Shoulder stretches are great for reducing muscle pain and tension. They can help you feel more relaxed after a workout by relieving stress and tightness.  Here is how to perform a cross-body shoulder stretch. 

Shoulder Stretch 

Butterfly stretches calm the central nervous system, helping your body recover from exercise. It can also reduce hip stiffness and facilitate hip opening.3 How to cool down with a seated butterfly stretch.

Butterfly Stretch

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