10 Easy Korean Foods for Busy 20s Girls to Get Korean Glass Skin

Certainly! Busy 20-something women seeking Korean glass skin could try these 10 simple Korean foods:

Seaweed contains vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. A healthy side dish, this salad is easy to create.

Seaweed Salad 


Korean food staple kimchi contains probiotics and antioxidants that promote clear, bright skin. Eat it as a side or add it to meals.



Tofu provides plant-based protein and skin nourishment. Stir-fry tofu with your favorite veggies and seasonings for a quick, healthful supper.

Tofu Stir-fry 


Bean sprouts are good for skin because they have few calories and many vitamins and minerals. Simple and pleasant, this soup is easy to cook.

Korean Bean Sprout Soup


Rice, veggies, and a protein like beef or tofu are covered with a spicy sauce in bibimbap. The meal is balanced and rich in skin-healthy ingredients.



Antioxidants and nutrients in spinach give skin a shine. Blanch spinach and mix with sesame oil, garlic, and seeds for a tasty side.

Sesame Spinach


Lean chicken protein helps skin health. Chicken marinated in Korean BBQ sauce and stir-fried with vegetables is delicious and quick.

Korean BBQ Chicken


Protein and antioxidants in mung beans increase skin suppleness. Using ground mung beans and veggies, make savory pancakes.

Mung Bean Pancakes


Simple and healthful steamed egg is cooked using eggs, water, and seasonings. Protein-rich, it complements every meal.

Korean Steamed Egg


Antioxidants in green tea prevent inflammation and protect skin. Drink green tea regularly to moisturize your skin internally.

Green Tea


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