12 Citrus Trees Perfect For Growing In Indoor Containers

Due to container size, indoor citrus plants are smaller than outside ones. Trees that reach 30 feet outdoors won't achieve half their potential indoors. reduced trees produce average fruit despite their reduced stature.  

1. Buddha’s Hand

Buddha's hand, or fingered citron, is a remarkable fruit that can create debate in your living room. You may assume this fingered fruit is banana-like or alien. This fruit's pith is distinctive beyond sight. Lemons and limes have gel-like bulbs of sour juice, but this fruit has pith throughout.  

2. Clementine

Clementines, grocery shop bagged oranges, are named for their attractiveness. Clementines are mandarins, not oranges. Although they are the same, mandarins originate from Asia and tangerines from Africa. The Asian clementine is popular in California and Spain.  

3. Finger Lime

If tuna is the “chicken of the sea,” finger limes are the “caviar of the garden.” A finger lime will release caviar-like pulp beads when cut open. Similar to lemons and limes, but in spheres instead of tear-shaped beads.  

4. Grapefruit

Recently found citrus fruits include grapefruits. Barbados and Jamaica farmed grapefruit in the 19th century. The citrus experts called it an orange-pomelo hybrid. These salt-sensitive plants have sharp thorns. The only pruning needed is to remove broken branches and shape them.  

5. Kaffir Lime

Kaffir limes are also called makrut or Thai limes. It's native to southeast Asia but now so prevalent in tropical locations that its origin is unknown. The fruit, blossoms, rinds, and leaves can be utilized in soups, stir-fries, salads, marinades, and more.  

6. Key Lime

Homegrown key limes for pies may fulfill your sweet tooth. Unlike pie box limes, key limes can be golden when mature, depending on the variety. Named after their 19th-century Florida Keys cultivation, they're no longer grown there.  

7. Kumquat

Kumquats' shortness makes them good indoor plants. If you want them to grow to 10 feet tall and 8 feet broad, give them a huge container. They thrive on patios in summer and need full sun like other citrus plants. They produce fragrant white flowers in May and June in well-draining soil.  

8. Lemon

Few things are more iconic than the lemon. Tangy juice and enticing aroma. Lemon flavors sweet and savory dishes and perfumes soap, cleaning products, and candles. (See Squeeze of the Day Candle!)  

9. Mandarin Orange

Mandarin trees thrive in tropical and temperate climes, but you may grow one in lower climates by bringing it indoors in winter. It prefers sandy soils and some shade, although like other citrus trees, it thrives in full sun.  

10. Myrtle Leaf Orange

This plant is named after its common myrtle-like leaves. Thornless and at 10 feet tall, this tree is suitable for indoor growth. Two inches is the average fruit diameter.  

11. Persian Lime

A “regular” lime found in grocery shops is the Persian lime. The light to medium green fruit turns golden and sweeter before falling off the tree. Round, somewhat oblong fruits are a few inches long and wide.  

12. Pink Eureka Lemon Variation  

Like a lime, the lemon has green and yellow stripes on its outside. Fruit flesh is pink, not transparent. Pink lemons don't make pink lemonade or taste different, so utilize them like yellow lemons. You may prefer this plant over a lemon tree for ornamental value.  

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