3 Easy Meditation Techniques Even The Most Anxious People Can Master 

The roots

Meditation must first be defined. Rinzler believes you do that by “swapping out your discursive thinking for a particular object that gets your attention.” “In mindfulness practice, that object might be your breath, or in mantra practice, a word or phrase.”

Many styles of meditation originated in India, but Buddhist mindfulness of the breath is the most popular in the US. “The Buddha lived 2600 years ago as a human like you and me. He tried several meditation methods before focusing on the breath.

The benefit

A common myth about meditation is that you'll feel instant tranquility when you "zen out," as after a fantastic massage. That's not true since meditation asks you to let go of preconceived assumptions, judgments, and expectations.

“It's hardly woo-woo; it's more like hard work!” explains Rinzler. “People sometimes think they should come in once and be peaceful forever with challenges. Feeling disappointed after not losing 10 pounds at the gym is similar. 

Easy techniques

Ironically, we're all scurrying around attempting to cross items off a checklist, leaving little time for something that could reduce stress. What can you do if you can't meditate for hours like Buddha?


Rinzler offers three millennial-friendly methods for the craziest days. They are as easy as they look and may become part of your self-care regimen over time. 

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