4 Classic Sneakers and Suits: A Look Back


Celebrity gatherings' strict dress codes have allowed for 30 years of experimentation. The sneaker-suit combo has always garnered attention, for better or worse. This failed combination of formal and casual might become a red carpet staple.

New Louis Vuitton design director Virgil Abloh is taking this look seriously. At the 2017 Met Gala and British Fashion Awards, Abloh wore a suit and sneakers. Virgil Abloh demonstrates. Just color match with an eye-catching accessory to achieve this edgy style. Not hard!

Downey Jr. looks sharp in a double-breasted jacket with notched lapels. How about these silver sneakers? His Tropic Thunder blackface was controversial. His relaxed attitude and casual sneakers don't distract from his prejudiced portrayal of Kirk Lazarus. Too many mistakes in one photo.

Kanye's distinctive 2006 Brit Awards outfit, where he performed Gold Digger with 77 gold-painted dancers. No stranger to the spotlight, this night was defiant and provocative. He defied convention with this shoe and jean outfit (no suit). 

What celebrity originally wore this risky outfit? My first photo was Ellen DeGeneres in converse at the 1996 Emmys. Ellen comedy show nomination. As DeGeneres violates gender stereotypes, shoes and outfits change. This may be rebellious as she prepared to come out on national television the following year.

This season, Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton, and Paul Surridge featured sneakers. Perhaps shoes with suits are no longer a sign of defiance but are becoming normal in formal events. Leave Italian brogues! Your day is over!

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