4 Zodiac Signs Women Who Love to Keep Secrets in Relationship 

Has your love story ever seemed to have an unwritten chapter? You are not alone, though. We are going to reveal the mysteries of four zodiac signs.

Some ladies are masters at maintaining secrecy in romantic relationships. They seem to possess a code of conduct for infusing love with a hint of mystery!

The zodiac's secret agent is Scorpio. Scorpio women are like love detectives, hiding secrets behind their eyes. 


The dreamy planet Neptune rules Pisces women, who are adept at concealing their thoughts. Their kind exterior hides a wealth of secrets.


Twins represent Geminis, the zodiac's double trouble. Gemini women are good secret-keepers despite their chattiness. Like they have twins for every mood.


Capricorn women are stoic love strategists. A maestro of secrets hides beneath a responsible and disciplined exterior.


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