5 Easy Houseplants That Double as Self-Care Reminders 

Turning, bending, and standing are easier with strong core muscles. Additionally, a strong core helps enhance balance, reduce low back pain, and help you maintain good posture.  

For a reminder to break toxic ties, try aloe vera

This plant is very easy on the eyes, smells delightful, and is the source of one of the most popular essential oils. For those who forget to unwind or take a few seconds for themselves, especially at the end of the day, lavender (and its powerful scent) is for you. 

For a reminder to relax and stay calm, try lavender

Peace flowers are another natural cleanser. Neutralising indoor pollutants with this beautiful plant boosts household energy. It's believed to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health.

For a reminder to maintain a work-life balance, try peace lilie

Known to provide a strong protective energy in your space, snake plants are extremely durable and require very little attention in order to grow. 

For a reminder to survive and thrive during hard times, try a snake plant

This popular plant is known not only for its distinct, pleasant aroma, but also for its ability to help treat asthma, colds, and congestion. 

For a reminder to stay present, try a eucalyptu

Eucalyptus and you: This plant is perfect for reminding you to enjoy the present and the day ahead. Inhale its strong and healing smell. This returns you back to the present.

Strengthens your core

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