5 Easy, Relaxing Stretches for Stress Relief

Decker believes the lower back is a prime tension spot. This elongating back stretch relieves low back discomfort. Yoga can support healthy sleep, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Child’s Pose

A spinal twist combines a deep breath with a twisting motion, like wringing the stress out of your spine as you would wring water out of a wet towel. “You can easily perform this right in your chair at work for a much-needed break during a busy workday,” says Matthews. 

Seated Spinal Twist

This stretch helps open hips, a typical cause of tight backs. “We create poor body positions every day from sitting too long,” Decker adds. These yoga stretches may help relieve persistent back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Happy Baby

If you've been sitting still, this stretch will move your lower back. Get up and locate a place to lie. He believes taking a break from what you're doing might also reduce stress. Stretching loosens stiff hamstrings. “It helps externally rotate the hip and stretch the outer glutes to target the lower back,” Decker says.

Lying Glute Stretch

According to Matthews, this stretch works your upper and lower body, making it a versatile workout. She recommends it for tight hamstrings (common in walkers and runners) and chest and shoulder muscles (common in desk workers).

Wide-Legged Forward Fold With Chest Expansion

This is a great at-your-desk stretch when you need a quick release. “This stretch promotes proper posture and releases tension through your chest to maximize oxygen and circulation,” Ducker explains. 

Chest Opener Stretch

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5 Easy, Relaxing Stretches for Stress Relief