5 Hidden Treasures: Discover Coins in Your Pocket you may overlook

The European Euro Cent Coins 

Despite their low worth, European Euro cent coins allow you to carry a piece of European art and heritage in your pocket. Every Euro cent coin has a country-specific design.

 Famous historical individuals, monuments, and cultural symbols are depicted in these elaborate drawings. These little artworks reveal Europe's rich legacy, like the Spanish church on the 1 cent coin or the Greek owl on the 1 euro cent coin.

The Canadian Loonie and Toonie 

Canadians love their one-dollar and two-dollar coins, known as the «loonie» and «toonie,» respectively. A common loon, a common bird in Canadian lakes, appears on the loonie.

The Japanese 5 Yen Coin 

The 5 yen coin is culturally significant in Japan. Japanese culture associates 5 with luck and well-being. A 5 yen coin is thought to bring luck and protection. 

The South African Rand Coins 

South Africa's rand coins honor its biodiversity. Every coin honours South Africa's natural wonders, from the resilient Big 5 to the interesting biomes and plants.

The British 50p Coin 

Many events, historical individuals, and achievements are commemorated on the British 50 pence coin. These coins commemorate British culture, from the Olympics to Beatrix Potter. 

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