5 Must-Know Tips for Starting a Profitable Coin Collection

Start Simple and Small

Unless you're a wealthy and don't mind a $1,000 error, you should ease into the hobby and learn the ropes before making any significant purchases. Try smaller coin purchases and easy-to-assemble sets.

Many famous coin collectors started with Lincoln pennies. They are still in circulation and can be bought at coin shows, shops, or online for a reasonable price. 

Collect What You Like

People often question, "What should I collect?" The quick answer is "Collect what you like!" Choose coins or series that interest you. The coin's design, history, or story may be intriguing. Learn about a coin's origins online.

Handle Coins Carefully & Store Them Properly

Despite the fact that coins are comprised of metal, their surfaces are delicate and readily damaged. Different metals react differently to their environment.

It's Not a Race

A strong coin collection that appreciates over time is not a race. However, most coin collectors who rush their acquisitions become disillusioned soon and lose money when selling their collections.

Join a Coin Club

Joining a coin club is a great way to learn about coins and keep collecting. Local coin clubs are found in several US cities. A short Internet search will reveal local ones.

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