5 Must-See Gina Torres Moments That Will Get You Excited for the Suits Spinoff"

Netflix subscribers revived the legal drama Suits this summer after it finished on USA after nine seasons in 2019. It has dominated Netflix's Top 10 TV list for more than a month and is currently the #1 non-Netflix original. 

Suits returned to Netflix this summer after nine seasons on USA ended in 2019. It is Netflix's #1 non-Netflix original and has topped the Top 10 TV list for almost a month. Peacock Premium now offers Suits and Gina Torres' Pearson spinoff.

Pearson starred Gina Torres in 2019 after being set up on Suits in Season 7 before Torres' departure. After Jessica moved to Chicago from New York after her disbarment, Torres played her popular character.

Bethany Joy Lenz, Morgan Spector, Chantel Riley, Simon Kassianides, Eli Goree, Isabel Arraiza, and Suits actors D.B. Woodside, Gabriel Macht, and Rick Hoffman guest-starred with Torres. 

Pearson was cancelled by USA after one season of 10 episodes, making it one of the worst TV cancellations of 2019. Pearson's Season 1 finale aired one week before Suits' final episode, but the spinoff wasn't canceled until October.

Could Pearson be saved for another season if streaming popularity rises years after it ended? It's a wonderful idea (especially since the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes are preventing new programming), but Gina Torres has been busy since the Suits spinoff ended in 2019. 

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