5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Energy on the Keto Diet

Stay Hydrated and Replenish Electrolyte

Dehydration causes mental confusion, exhaustion, and muscle cramps like the keto flu. Drink adequate water and add electrolyte powder for minerals.

Follow a mineral-rich ketogenic diet and eat avocado and fish for magnesium and potassium.To get enough sodium and trace minerals, keto dieters salt their food more. Happy salting with high-quality Celtic sea or Arctic salt!

Eat More Calorie

When you're on keto, you don't feel as hungry as when you were on a high-carb diet because it keeps you full. Your metabolism speeds up in ketosis, and on a keto diet, you burn about 300 more calories every day.

Don’t Over Exercise or Underexercise

Overexercising can fatigue you if you don't eat enough. Failure to exercise might reduce your metabolism and increase weariness. Studies demonstrate sedentary lifestyles and sitting can tire you out! 

Eat More High-Quality Natural Food

Your keto diet shouldn't heavily rely on processed items. Avoid dirty keto versions of your favorite comfort foods and snacks since your body requires a variety of nutrients

Eat More Often

If your metabolism isn't keto-adapted, you may need to eat more often to fuel your brain and body. Intermittent fasting can help with a ketogenic diet, but not everyone, especially non-fat suited people, can benefit.

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