5 RARE Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly around buying a DODGE DEMON

Washington bicentennial quarter appearance

In 1975 and 1976, these quarters were made by three mints, but none of them have a normal date on the front. The US Mint made coins with the dates 1776–1976 instead of the normal Washington coins.

While the date was out of the ordinary, these coins had the usual IN GOD WE TRUST message and a bust of President George Washington on the front. On the right, you can see the mint mark.

Washington bicentennial quarter value

The mint state 1776–1976 clad quarter can get $6.65, but the circulated one is worth its face value. Same with Denver-minted coins.The San Francisco mint made three Washington quarters.

The 1975 Washington bicentennial quarter

The bicentennial Washington quarters have an unusual obverse with a double 1776–1976 date. Both 1975 and 1976 US Mint coins commemorating such an important event have the same design and date.

Existing Washington bicentennial quarter type

Also, there are three types of the best coins, each one based on the mint where it was made. Even though there were a lot of them made, you can still find rare quarters in good condition.

Washington bicentennial quarter error

Bicentennial quarter errors can be valuable. The coin obverse or reverse may double or have a grease mistake on the drum. Overstruck and struck-through quarters were also found by collectors.

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