5 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Better After Weeping

Have you ever cried a few tears and then felt relieved? Unbelievably, your zodiac sign may influence how you manage your emotions. 

Moon-ruled Cancers are emotional. When overwhelmed, they cry to cope. This water sign enjoys crying's therapeutic benefits.


Pisceans are sensitive and insightful. This water sign absorbs others' energies, causing emotional swings. Pisces use tears to cleanse and navigate their emotions.


Scorpios' passion typically evokes deep emotions. Crying releases pent-up energy and strengthens them emotionally.


Virgos are analytical, yet they also experience emotional turmoil. Virgos may cry to heal and discover themselves when overwhelmed.


Taurus, despite its stability, have complex emotions. They cry to show vulnerability and release feelings. This earth sign finds it cleansing.


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