6 Amazing Stories Behind the World's Most Valuable Coins

1933 Gold Double Eagle - $18.87 Million

The world's most valuable coin is from the 20th century, despite its age. This 1933 gold Double Eagle has a rich history. The Double Eagle was produced in modest quantities between 1907 and 1933.

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar - $12 Million

The second most valuable coin in the world is claimed by many collectors to be the original US silver dollar. Since these coins are nearly two centuries old, near mint condition is even rarer than 140.

1787 New York-Style Brasher Doubloon - $9.36 Million

The world's most valuable coin is this privately minted American doubloon. Ephraim Brasher produced it in 1787 when the US was a nascent nation using Spanish currencies. 

1822 Capped Head Left Half Eagle - $8.4 Million

No one knows why the 1822 Half Eagle is unusual. Nearly 18,000 Half Eagles were struck in the 1820s, but few survive from 1822. Less than 1% of 1820s Half Eagles remain, with 1822 being the rarest. 

1804 Draped Bust Dollar Proof - $7.68 Million

An 1804 silver dollar is fifth most valued. A draped Lady Liberty and an eagle are on the coin's front and back. Collectors call this the "King of American Coins" and rarely find it clean.

1861 Paquet Reverse Double Eagle - $7.2 Million

Anthony C. Paquet designed a new reverse for the $20 Double Eagle coin in 1861. The Civil War preoccupied the US more than a new Double Eagle reverse design. 

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