6 Best Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Tips for Busy Students

Scale way back on processed food

Cutting inflammation-causing foods is the first step. “An anti-inflammatory diet includes minimally processed foods,” Zumpano says. That usually means avoiding anything in a box or bag or with a long list of ingredients.

Focus on whole food

After removing processed foods, what remains? Of course, whole foods!“A whole food is a one-ingredient food, an entire entity: an apple, an orange, a cucumber,” Zumpano adds. Other examples besides fruits and vegetables:

Try a diet proven to reduce inflammation

Again, no anti-inflammatory diet is universal. However, the Mediterranean and DASH diets benefit.Positive study shows that these diets reduce inflammation, cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar, Zumpano explains.

The Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diets, considered the heartiest, are popular in Mediterranean countries. Fish strong in omega-3 fatty acids, which lower inflammation, underpins this diet.

The DASH diet

DASH is a diet to lower blood pressure. Zumpano says, “This diet has been shown to reduce inflammation, probably because it reduces blood pressure and promotes weight loss.” High blood pressure and obesity cause inflammation.

If needed, try an elimination diet

If giving up processed foods doesn't help your inflammation, you might need to take things one step further.

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