6 Everyday Items with Hidden Goldmine Potential


A decapitated, nude 1960s Barbie in a box may fetch $25 on eBay. Headless.A 1960s Barbie with a head but no clothes is worth $75.Some collect 1990s Polly Pocket dolls, such a 1995 Cinderella palace for $94. 

Board games

Board games dominate reselling. An original 1933 Monopoly Atlantic City sold for $146,500 few years ago. Other vintage games that made owners money:

Video games

Despite buying a lot of video games, I've never liked them. When I bought them as birthday and Christmas gifts, I never imagined Mario Kart 64 selling for hundreds of dollars. 


Someone will want an old pair of jeans, a frock, or a denim purse. Older is better. A vintage Levi's denim jacket cost $200 on eBay today. The seller probably hasn't worn it in decades, and the money will be useful.

Vinyl record

Previously, only your local record store sold ancient vinyl records. The internet simplifies it. Online marketplaces like Discogs simplify vinyl sales. Album condition and rarity determine pricing.

Vintage furniture

Do you have a grandmother's end table or settee you've never used? Vintage furniture sells well on Etsy and eBay. Instead of shipping, check Facebook Marketplace or your local website.

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