7 Plants To Prune In March – Backyard Shrubs You Should Trim This Month

March marks the start of gardening as plants awaken.For landscape design, prune shrubs and trees late winter and early spring. If frosts are late, trim some plants in March.March backyard plant and prune list grows. Plant hundreds of vegetable and flower seeds in March.  


Smoke bush is Cotinus. This shrub is known for its smoke plume-like blossoms and vivid purple, crimson, and yellow foliage. Low-maintenance cotinus shrubs rarely need pruning. Left alone, its branches can grow tall and wild quickly.  


Fall-colored dogwood, or cornus, shrubs show out in January with its beautiful stems. After enjoying the stems of these frost-hardy plants in winter, annual trimming is best done in late winter or early spring...March is suitable in many climes.   


Forsythia starts blooming around February. After its blooms fade, forsythia should be pruned in mid-March to April, depending on your area. Forsythia should not be pruned outside of spring since it reduces its blossoms and could harm the bush.   


Several sensitive fuchsias can survive outdoors throughout winter. Fuchsias may withstand winter without a cover because of their top growth. Once the risk of frost has passed in March or April, depending on your area, prune hardy fuchsias after new growth.   


Lavatera, now named Malva, are mallows that come in annual, biennial, perennial, and shrub variants. Early spring pruning is required for shrubs. For this year's flowers, trim in March to stimulate lots of new wood growth.   


Russian sage, or perovskia, is a five-foot perennial shrub. The dried stems of perovskia look great in a winter garden, but they need pruning in late winter or early spring. The best pruning season is climate-dependent. You'll know when the bush grows again.  


Hibiscus syriacus grows quickly and requires minimal care. However, occasional trimming controls the tall shrub.Dormancy, from March to early May, is the best period to prune Rose of Sharon because it blooms slowly.  

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