76ers Veteran Could Miss Matchup vs. Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday


The Philadelphia 76ers have had health issues lately. As expected, they'll be shorthanded against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, but Cam Payne could help.  

The Philadelphia 76ers were looking forward to having Payne join them for their game against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday afternoon.   

The matchup was scheduled to take place over the weekend. Payne's status on the injury report was reduced, which was unfortunate because it occurred not long before the game would begin.  

Payne was dealing with an illness, thus it was uncertain whether or not he would be able to play against the Mavericks. The Sixers decided that he would not be able to play shortly after he was included in the report.  

At the time of the Sixers' game on Tuesday, Payne was labeled as questionable on the injury report, which means that his participation in the game could be contingent upon the Sixers' decision.  

Payne joined the Sixers at the trade deadline last month. After trading Patrick Beverley to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Sixers acquired Payne and draft compensation.   

In his first game with the Sixers, which took place on February 9, Payne played a 35-minute shift with the starting lineup. Considering that the Sixers were dealing with a number of significant ailments,.

in addition to having numerous players sent away, Payne was given a significant amount of playing time right from the beginning of the season. 

Payne's job has changed as the team gets better. Even though his minutes have been cut, Payne is happy with the job he's been given.  

For the first time since joining the 76ers, Payne could miss two games in a row. However, he shouldn't be out for long if he doesn't come back as soon as Tuesday night in Brooklyn.  

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