All 5 Star Wars Lego Sets That Released Today

With five new Star Wars sets coming out on March 1, the LEGO Group is enjoying its 25th anniversary with the galaxy far, far away.  

LEGO released Star Wars sets. It releases five 25th anniversary Star Wars toys. The new model type, debut scene set, and 25th anniversary minifigures will delight LEGO Star Wars aficionados.  

In honor of LEGO's 25th anniversary, a new wave of midi-scale ships has been released. The Millennium Falcon is the first of these ships and comes with its own stand.  

1. Millennium Falcon (75375)

Tantive IV (75376), another midi-scale model (March 1st investigates the interior), will reveal Princess Leia's spacecraft. Many collectors will wish to display both sets together.   

2. Tantive IV (75376) 

Battle of Coruscant's Revenge of the Sith's Invisible Hand is the third midi-scale ship release. The thrilling LEGO Star Wars prequel set The Invisible Hand was General Grievous' Separatist flagship.   

3. Invisible Hand (75377)

Compared to 2021's R2-D2 (75308), this rendition is smaller. It's also cheaper at $100 than $240, compared to the previous model.   

4. R2-D2 (75379) 

LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary set Boarding the Tantive IV from A New Hope features Darth Vader and his stormtroopers invading the Rebellion ship to find the stolen Death Star plans.   

5. Boarding The Tantive IV (75387) 

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