Analyst Says Don't Sleep on Phoenix Suns


THE PHOENIX -- There are still 20 games left in the regular season for the Phoenix Suns, and flashes (both good and bad) have been seen that will make people have a lot of different ideas about what will happen when the playoffs start.  

With 36-26, the Suns are 6th in the West. Phoenix's players, organisation, fans, and ESPN commentator JJ Redick remain hopeful despite the injury bug:  

"One problem with building a super team is that you have to give up some roster depth and flexibility." That's why this team was always going to have a tough win-loss record.  

Kevin Durant has missed seven games, so one of these guys must be hurt. He has now missed 12 games. Bradley Beal has been out for 29 games. "They haven't had the depth," Redick said on First Take (via Hardwood Heroics).  

Look at their top seven. I compared their top seven to most basketball teams. We discuss [Jusuf] Nurkic, Grayson Allen, Eric Gordon, Royce O'Neal, and the Big 3. All complement each other.  

“You can view lineup data? Any five-man group with over 250 minutes spent together. They are one of five lineups that outscored opponents by over 10 points per 100 possessions. Health makes them a good team. The team is great, Redick said.  

"The other thing that I appreciate about their squad right now is that they can play in a variety of different ways, supposing that they are healthy coming into the playoffs.  

As a result, they are able to play large with Nurkic and use him as more of an offensive hub. I believe that he has experienced an exceptional season. They are able to outshoot you by going small with Kevin Durant at the five while they are playing.  

In every way, Grayson Allen has been the ideal player to complement the team. Even though he is enjoying a career year, he is now leading the NBA in three-point percentage. He had another fantastic night last night.  

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