Austin Butler & Tom Hardy's Biker Movie Was Already Spoiled By A 16-Year-Old TV Show

Before the new video, The Bikeriders looked a lot like a TV show from 16 years ago. Now, this TV show may have already given away the ending of the movie.  

A popular 16-year-old sitcom spoiled Austin Butler and Tom Hardy's new picture, The Bikeriders. Jeff Nichols' drama The Bikeriders has been delayed too long due to difficulties.  

The SAG-AFTRA strike delayed The Bikeriders' December 1, 2023 publication. After the strike, Focus Features bought The Bikeriders (released June 21, 2024) after its studio fired it in November 2023.

The Bikeriders follows Chicago biker organization Vandals MC's rise and collapse in the 1960s. Tom Hardy plays Johnny, the Vandals' creator, and Austin Butler plays Benny, a young man who befriends Johnny.   

A new Focus Features teaser for The Bikeriders showed the Vandals' issues, but a decade-old TV episode ruined the MC's future.Bikeriders resembles Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy, developed by Kurt Sutter, introduced Charming, California's SAMCRO biker gang from 2008–2014.   

Sons of Anarchy follows SAMCRO's VP and heir, Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the son of a founder. Jax's stepfather, President Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), ran SAMCRO with different ideals than his father.  

Clay's gun and drug trafficking led SAMCRO down dark roads that nearly destroyed the MC in Sons of Anarchy. After the Vietnam War, Jax's father, John, and fellow member Piermonth “Piney” Winston didn't fit in, so SAMCRO was founded for independent, nonconformist men.  

Despite many deaths, including Jax, SAMCRO survived Sons of Anarchy.The Bikeriders trailer shows Johnny wishing to start a motorcycle club and Damon Herriman's Brucie saying they "belong nowhere else, so we belong together".  

The Vandals MC's violence, drug trafficking, gambling, and other activities irritate other clubs. Johnny and the Vandals may end tragically owing to Clay and Jax's betrayals after losing their mission and committing crimes.  

After finding his father's manifesto, Jax intends to restore SAMCRO to John's vision. As Jax learned more about his family and club, he became disillusioned and did the opposite of what he intended.  

Opie and Bobby died and SAMCRO nearly collapsed after Jax's presidency. The bikers can change course for Benny.Benny can save the Vandals like Jax failed by leading them on a path that won't collapse the MC and kill its members.  

Instead of Clay and Jax's power grab, the Bikeriders might focus on Vandals friendship and how the club's direction affects them. Comparing The Bikeriders and Sons of Anarchy is obvious, but their differences allow them to coexist.  

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