Ayo Dosunmu emerges as a vocal leader of the Chicago Bulls


Ayo Dosunmu was deep in the depth chart before the season started. Dosunmu didn't seem to be a big deal in the Chicago Bulls' point guard rotation.   

Coby White was picked to start and new player Jevon Carter was supposed to be the backup. Carter's injuries and patchy play, on the other hand, have given Dosunmu a chance to make his case for a bigger part on the team.  

The role that Dosunmu is playing this season is comparable to the one he played during his rookie season, when he was assigned to the starting lineup after Lonzo Ball had a knee injury.   

Since Zach LaVine and Patrick Williams are out for the season, Ayo has been added to the starting five and averaged 15.9 points on 53 percent shooting, including 46 percent from long range.  

In addition to the counting of statistics, the former Illinois star has also taken on the position of a vocal leader, which is a job that he does not take lightly.  

I think I've done well off the court understanding their background and inclinations. Once you reach that place, you and your teammates feel comfortable giving and receiving tough love.”  

The Bulls had experienced guard Patrick Beverley last season, who could ignite his teammates. Since Beverley joined the Milwaukee Bucks, someone else has to play that job.   

Now this is where Dosunmu comes in. As a third-year player, he may not have as much experience as some of the team's leaders, but he has done a lot of mature things for his age.  

"When it gets that bad and you're in a battle, you can't hold it in because one more possession of not talking to your teammates and keeping that message to yourself could turn the game around."  

"At those times, I just try to get the message across any way I can," Dosunmu said.Bulls coach Billy Donovan really likes and respects that trait.  

"He has a pretty clear understanding of what is right and wrong, and when the team is not doing well, he will call guys out and say things," Donovan said. "He is a pretty strong leader."  

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