Cavaliers' Dean Wade Describes Out Of Body Experience Leading Comeback Win Over Celtics


Dean Wade described what it feels like to be on a hot run in an NBA game after scoring 20 points in the fourth quarter in an amazing comeback win over the Boston Celtics.  

"Man, it's a great feeling," Cavaliers guard Dean Wade said 45 minutes after leading a 22-point fourth quarter comeback to upset the Celtics. “The rim looks huge, and your mind is quiet. I can't say more. The pool-like rim helped because I was hot."   

Wade made not one, not two, not three, not four, but five three-pointers in the fourth quarter. The 27-year-old forward scored 20 points during a 20-point outburst that helped the Cavaliers beat Boston 105–104.   

Cleveland trailed the NBA's top team by 16 points at the start of the fourth quarter when the explosion occurred. Early in the first, Jayson Tatum's 26 points and 13 rebounds helped the Celtics take a 22-point advantage. Essentially, the game ended.   

The Kansas State player made his first of five three-pointers with under nine minutes to go. By the time he nailed his fourth, Boston's lead was three. The agitated Celtics requested a timeout to reconcile, but Wade persisted. 

"As soon as the ball touched my hand, I hit a three and [Boston] called timeout," stated. "That whole time down the floor I was like 'if Darius Garland flips this back to me, no matter where I'm at on this court it's going up."  

Wade was a walking bucket. With 2:30 left in regulation and the game tied at 99, Boston let him leak open on the right wing, where Jarrett Allen found him for the fifth and final three of the quarter to give Cleveland a 102-99 lead. Erupted Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.  

"It was rocking, it really was that fourth quarter," he remarked. "That place was jumping after some shots. Awesome. As usual, crowd was engaged. Great energy was out there."    

Wade scored the game-winning dunk with 19 seconds left before a Garland foul on Tatum was overruled in the dying seconds to seal the deal for the Cavs. The biggest fourth-quarter rally in franchise history occurred.  

Wade was the one who stole the show on a night that was intended to be about Travis and Jason Kelce, who are both from Cleveland Heights and were present as part of a promotion for a bobblehead featuring the Kelce Brothers.   

To put the icing on the cake, the fact that the Cavaliers had to come back from a deficit of 22 points in order to win the game is remarkable.  

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