Dennis Smith Jr. gives context behind the Nets' performance against Philly


Dennis Smith Jr. scored seven points, six assists, and three steals off the bench against the 76ers. He energised the Nets to a historic triumph over Philly.  

DSJ was a “hunter” with vigour on both ends of the floor. Dennis led the team with his superb defence and vocal leadership as coach Kevin Ollie wanted more hunters.  

"Just strength. We had to be greedy and come out. We already knew that. Coach pushed us during the shootaround or warmup earlier, and he talked about it yesterday.   

It has to do with how we react. DSJ told the media after beating the 76ers, "We had two good games against Atlanta, but then we dropped the ball against Memphis."  

Coach Ollie thinks that Brooklyn is a good team with some very good players. He also wants them to do what a good team should do, which is win more games than the doubters say they should.   

The fact that the Nets were unable to win a game against the Grizzlies, who were playing with a limited roster, was a mistake; but, there are still opportunities for them to make amends. 

Players such as DSJ, Dennis Schroder, and Mikal Bridges are outspoken in the locker room because they want to be selected for the Play-In Tournament.  

This is the reason why they are participating. After a performance such as the one they had against Philadelphia, this Nets squad has a high ceiling, which includes the possibility of achieving success in the postseason.  

Brooklyn looked fantastic in their game against Philadelphia because they were playing with a lot of intensity, and the 76ers were unable to keep up with them.   

It is imperative that the Nets continue to play in this manner since they do not own a player of superstar calibre, but they do have a number of great names on their roster.  

Mikal is the one who everyone turns to for help, but he has a strong team of players who can step in and take over at any time. One of those guys is DSJ, especially because of how well he plays defence.  

The Nets will find it easier to keep going and play hard when they have a boss like KO as they try to get into the Play-In Tournament.  

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