Disney's X-Files Reboot Reusing The Original Show's Main Villains Would Be A Mistake

Disney shouldn't imitate The X-Files' major adversaries if it wants to succeed. In The X-Files, Mulder and Scully investigate US paranormal activity and alien sightings. 

Disney's relaunch may feature new supernatural characters instead of Mulder and Scully. The reboot must replace more than just the primary characters to succeed.

The new X-Files must replace Mulder, Scully, and the “mytharc.” The first series' “mytharc” about an alien species trying to colonise Earth. 

The authors could always return to this plot well when they ran out of ideas, as it was the series' centrepiece. However, Disney's X-Files revival should avoid replicating the “mytharc” and alien invaders. 

The new programme should have a different (and presumably more intriguing) plot.An attempted extraterrestrial invasion was never The X-Files' strongest storyline. Mulder and Scully solving supernatural puzzles was the show's highlight. 

The reboot need not adapt the alien invasion storyline. Instead of that, the show could focus on two new FBI unexplained phenomenon agents. The X-Files relaunch doesn't need a new mytharc because it doesn't need a fundamental storyline.

An episodic case-of-the-week sci-fi procedural does the X-Files justice. In any episode, Mulder and Scully could investigate a strange, possibly supernatural phenomena alone. 

The serialised elements and multi-episode plot arcs ruined the great premise. Disney's reboot doesn't need a mytharc like the original. Although episodic television is outdated, it still works.

The reboot's X-Files mytharc offers endless possibilities due to its delicious premise. The original series' mytharc was a generic alien invasion led by the “Colonists.” A government conspiracy hid its 2012 planning. 

It resembled other paranoid extraterrestrial invasion myths. The reboot's mytharc can be anything thanks to The X-Files' vast world of anomalies and secrets. An alien-filled original programming doesn't mean it must.

Instead of extraterrestrial invaders, Coogler and his writers can select any sci-fi or horror monster for the reboot's major adversaries. Ghosts could replace aliens as the major villain in the relaunch. 

Season 5, episode 11 (“Kill Switch”) had A.I. as the villain.While “I want to believe” was entertaining in the 1990s, The X-Files’ fundamental subject of government conspiracies is now linked to politics and far-right society. 

Just mentioning a conspiracy theory causes controversy. After the epidemic and two tumultuous presidential elections, conspiracy theories seem too near. The X-Files relaunch can avoid that conversation by choosing a more fanciful and sci-fi core danger.

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