Everything to Know About the Short-Lived ‘Suits’ Spin-off ‘Pearson’


Universal Cable Productions' Pearson has brilliant executives like Aaron Korsh of Suits. Executive producer Daniel Arkin co-created and ran Suits. Executive producer Gina Torres was a series star.

Morgan Spector plays Mayor Bobby Novak, Jessica's political booster, and Gina Torres plays Jessica Pearson. Simon Kassianides plays Bobby's half-brother Nick D'Amato, a conflicted driver for Bobby and Jessica. Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) plays Chicago City Attorney Keri Allen.

Isabela Arraiza excels as Yoli Castillo, Jessica's Executive Assistant after being fired from the City Council's Social Media Division. Eli Goree plays mayor's loyal press secretary Derrick Mayes. Chantel Riley and Juanita Jennings bring variation to the Pearson family as Jessica's distant cousin Angela Cook and Jessica's aunt and Angela's mother, Lillian Cook.

The popularity of Suits since its finale has saved its creators, and NBCUniversal has taken the risk of producing another spin-off. While Suits continues to draw people, Pearson was canceled after one season on its original network and received little attention on subsequent platforms.

Pearson can reclaim its route and possibly gain fame thanks to fans' enthusiasm in Suits and the spin-off. Pearson's story explores family dynamics, political power maneuvers, and current social issues and is worth a read.

Aaron Korsh's NBCUniversal spin-off series, whose platform is undisclosed, will be set in L.A. and feature new characters while retaining Suits' legal drama vibe. Suits' surprise Netflix success pushed NBCUniversal to order the new season after Netflix declined.

The creator of Suits promoted his spin-off show everywhere in town for years. At the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sandaros stated both Netflix and NBCUniversal passed and are succeeding. 

The new series' details are unknown, but the creators hope it capitalizes on the original Suits' revival. Hope it does better than Pearson.

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