FF7 Rebirth Data Disc Error Could Be A Win For Player

A mislabeled Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth disc may confuse players but become a collectible.Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth fans may have been perplexed by a printing problem, yet such an issue is rare in video games and may be useful.  

The game's physical edition shipped with two CDs that caused installation troubles after the planned remake. A Square Enix statement helped buyers fix deceptive labeling in some game copies.  

Asian copies of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth have data discs with swapped labels, so the "Play Disc" installs the game on the PlayStation 5 and the "Data Disc" runs the software, according to Gematsu.   

The glitch may confuse, but Square Enix assures both discs are correct. Use the "Play Disc" to install and launch Rebirth with the "Data Disc." Playing the game requires simply the "Data Disc" after installation.  

This mistake may frustrate Rebirth pre-orderers and buyers, but it may be useful later. Rare game trading and production faults may make misprinted Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth copies popular with collectors in the future.   

Due of its restricted distribution in Asia, particularly Japan, these misprinted copies are unusual.Rare game collectors may want the misprinted Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, but it may take years.  

Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda can fetch hundreds of thousands at auction in mint condition. Erroneous copies of Rebirth should be handled carefully.  

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth continues the "Remake Saga," following sad protagonist Cloud and his friends out of Midgar's dismal city.   

Great gameplay and fights make Rebirth a good sequel to 2020's Remake. Some storyline changes may disappoint diehards. Only PlayStation 5 may play Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.  

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