Former Executive Calls 76ers’ Tobias Harris to Action


To make up for Joel Embiid's departure, the Philadelphia 76ers need to get good play from everyone on the team.  

As "the guy" in his place, Tyrese Maxey has stepped up big time, but no one player can match what the reigning MVP did on both ends.   

During halftime of the Sixers' game against the Dallas Mavericks, Bob Meyers, the former general manager of the Golden State Warriors, talked to the Sixers about this problem.   

Tomas Harris is one of the guys he asked to step up more. The experienced forward has shown that he can do more, but he has had some dry spells this season.   

"Tobias Harris needs to do more of this for them to stay out of that play-in 7-10 range," said Meyers. He's capable, but he doesn't talk about him enough because he'll do it one night and not the next.He's capable. Good player, but they need him to do that."   

Harris shined again in Sunday's win over Dallas, likely hearing these comments. After 35 minutes, he scored 28 points and grabbed five rebounds on 58% shooting.   

Harris' recent results suggest a turnaround. In a win over Charlotte, he scored 31 points and 12 rebounds. Harris had 18 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists against Brooklyn on the road.  

To replace Embiid, the Sixers need a team, but Harris is crucial. Due to Maxey's concussion-like symptoms, the club may need his hot streak more than before.   

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