Hawks’ Dejounte Murray Received Technical Foul for Bizarre Reason vs. Nets


Dejounte Murray, a guard for the Atlanta Hawks, appeared to receive a technical foul on Saturday night for doing... nothing. This was one of the more strange situations that has occurred on an NBA court this season.  

Murray moved up to his team's bench and sat down during a stoppage against the Brooklyn Nets. However, it was possible to observe experienced referee Tony Brothers addressing Murray while he was sitting down.   

It would appear like Brothers took it personally when Murray did not appear to recognise Brothers and instead quietly sat on the bench.   

Murray was called for a technical foul for simply sitting there as Brothers was speaking, and after the game, the Hawks star player expressed his annoyance with the situation.   

There are times when officials appear to take things on the court personally, but this particular situation seemed to take a turn for the bizarre.   

Murray finished the game with 20 points, 11 assists, and six rebounds against the Nets, who went on to win the game by a score of 114–102 points. Over the course of the season, Brooklyn improved to 24–36.

while Atlanta fell to a record of 26–34.During the afternoon on Sunday, the National Basketball Association (NBA) made the announcement that it had rescinded the technical foul.  

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