Hawks' Trae Young Talks Trade Rumors; Spurs Still Involved?


As of right now, the Atlanta Hawks are in a fall. They are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference, and with superstar Trae Young sidelined for several weeks, it appears that their season is done.   

This comes just under two years after they mortgaged their whole future in order to acquire Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs.

The combination of Young and Murray has not produced the results that the Hawks anticipated it would, and as a result, it may be time to reclaim as many assets as possible.  

As a result of the Spurs' ownership of three of Atlanata's future draft picks, the Hawks have the ability to discuss a potential trade with San Antonio.  

Because Young and Victor Wembanyama appear to be a perfect combination for one another, the Spurs have been rumoured to be interested in acquiring him for quite some time now.   

Someone who can defend well and score points down low would go well with an offensive-minded point guard who has great passing skills and a huge shooting range. 

Thoughts have been going around, and the Spurs and Young are at the centre of them. Taylor Rooks recently talked to Trae Young and asked him to play down the rumours.    

"Hopefully," Young said when asked if he would stay in Atlanta this summer. "For example, I could have gone to Kansas or Kentucky, but I chose to be different and try to win a championship in Oklahoma.  

Atlanta has never been the site of a title win. My whole plan was to always be here, so getting picked up there felt like a match made in heaven. Who knows? It's now been six years."  

After six years and one fluke Conference Finals appearance, Georgia's Young era may be ending. Young says, "Some of the best players ever have been traded, so who am I to just be here mad or feeling unwanted?"  

It's rare for a player on a playoff-bound club to publicly demand a trade in the months after the Trade Deadline, so Young may just be repeating his media coach's instructions.   

It is reasonable to anticipate that Young will be much more vocal and honest about his vision for his current organisation moving forward when the offseason begins for both the Spurs and the Hawks.   

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