Jason Kidd: Mavs 'Need' Tim Hardaway Jr. to Win NBA Championship


Tim Hardaway Jr. is having a rough game, but head coach Jason Kidd thinks the veteran shooting guard is very important to the Dallas Mavericks' chances of winning a title.  

But Tim Hardaway Jr.'s play isn't the only reason the Dallas Mavericks have lost five of their last six games. He needs to get back into the groove of hitting deep again.  

For most of the season, Hardaway was a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. But in his last 10 games, he's only scored 8.4 points on average while hitting 33.0% from the field and 29.3% from three-point range.   

It was recently recognised by Jason Kidd, the head coach of the Mavericks, that Hardaway is having difficulties, and he is currently looking for ways to help him feel better.  

"I suppose work is involved. I think it's about talking to Timmy and hearing his thoughts. We often focus on the X and Os, but there may be off-court issues, Kidd added.  

"They are human, and please understand that we have all had a slump at some point in our lives, whether it be when we were shooting the ball or playing the game of basketball, or even when we were simply going through life in general.  

Therefore, it is essential to be able to identify those individuals who are actually on your side and who are willing to assist you in overcoming that. It is precisely for this reason that we have come to be of assistance to him.  

Hardaway is essential to the Mavericks' ability to compete for a championship this season, according to Kidd, who went one step farther than she had previously stated.  

Hardaway's high-volume 3-point shooting has helped the Mavs win for years, perhaps too much. Dallas added Daniel Gafford and P.J. Washington, but Hardaway's efficiency may need to improve again for the team to get back on track.   

Despite the fact that Dallas has added new key pieces in the form of Daniel Gafford and P.J. Washington, it is still possible that the team will need Hardaway's efficiency to increase once more in order for the team to get back on track.

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