Jaylen Brown Postgame: ‘I Felt as if I Should Have Guarded Jokic a Little Bit'


Even though he missed several free throws that were extremely expensive, the All-NBA forward enjoyed the most offensively productive night of the season.  

This season, the Denver Nuggets became the only team to defeat the Boston Celtics twice. They did it by defeating the team that had the best record in the National Basketball Association (NBA), 115-109.  

With their clutch shooting, Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday did everything they could to keep Boston in the game. Holiday made a significant contribution to the defence of Nikola Jokic.   

Despite the fact that the Celtics did all in their power to limit him in those crucial moments at the conclusion of the game, Jayson Tatum played a significant role in allowing Jokic's connection with Aaron Gordon to flourish.   

Gordon was able to get loose on the weak side of the baseline, which gave him the opportunity to snag lobs or clean things up at the rim after they were made.  

Jaylen Brown scored 41 points and grabbed 14 rebounds to lead Boston's offence. However, his seven missed free throws may have been the game's biggest difference, along with the Celtics' mistakes.  

The majority of the Celtics, with the exception of Jayson Tatum, had an answer when it came to the clutch offensively. 

As a result of his outspoken and mature leadership during the season, Brown had the impression that he ought to have been given the Jokic job, with the exception of some of his assistance in the paint.  

"He's a monster down there," the All-NBA forward said. "We threw some different coverages at him; we guarded him one-on-one; we tried to have late help; and stuff like that."  

A monster triple-double was achieved by the two-time Most Valuable Player, who finished with 32 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists.  

"I felt like I should have guarded Jokic a little bit—a little more," according to Brown. I just wish that I had been given those opportunity even a little bit earlier.  

"I wish those chances had come my way a little more. We could have stopped some of those layups they made and kept him away from the basket. I think we still had a good chance to win, but we didn't.  

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