Kenny Smith Explains Controversial Steph Curry-Sabrina Ionescu Comments


I wouldn't watch any of NBA All-Star Weekend for free. No matter if it's the All-Star Game, the Dunk Contest, the Rookie Game, or the 3-Point Contest, I would not watch a single second of any of these events.   

All of them are fake. They are all useless and don't make sense.Kenny Smith talked about the 3-Point Contest between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu, but I didn't hear it live. I didn't listen to it until this morning.   

This past weekend, every time I started the app, I saw that the Twitter mob was after him like crazy, but I didn't care enough to find out what happened. 

Furthermore, it went against common sense for me to think that Smith, who has been an analyst for twenty years, would be given the task of calling a shooting match between a man and a woman and then go on a national television rant about sexism.  

I watched Smith on the Stephen A. Smith Show this morning to see if he would give in to the reaction on social media and say sorry .

if he would stand his ground. I heard what Kenny Smith said on the radio show and then heard him explain what he said to Stephen A.  

"She should have shot from the women's line" was what Kenny Smith said about Ionescu on Twitter that made her the public enemy number one. It should have been a fair race.  

Smith added, "She should have shot from the line." Men and women golf tees are different for a purpose.Smith's words may be seen as indicating women can't shoot as far as men, which outraged some.Smith claims he intended something else.  

“I think it’s much ado about nothing, honestly,” Kenny Smith told Stephen A. about the dispute. “Most basketball fans understood me. Basketball muscle memory was my main reason for supporting her. He practices from one range, she from another.  

“I think there was a darts study. Move him even one step and his accuracy changes drastically. Funny thing is, if you move him one step, his accuracy changes since you take so many shots from the same position.  

That explanation is clear and reasonable. If Smith had said it during the live show, it might have mitigated the backlash. Just saying "muscle memory" would have convinced most people.   

It wouldn't have been built for everyone because certain individuals always want to be outraged. Ultimately, Smith's main mistake was not being more clear about his message.  

NBA All-Star Weekend also saw everyone go crazy over how bad the Sunday All-Star Game was.The game averaged 5.5 million viewers, up 20% from last year's All-Star Game.  

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