Kevin Ollie wants Nic Claxton to be more assertive on offense


Many people know Nic Claxton as a great defender because he plays in the paint. He also has a great effect on opponents because of how long he is.   

Claxton has shown that he is valuable by making a difference on defense, but he needs to keep up his offensive efforts.He would be great for Brooklyn if he could be their go-to shooter, since Mikal Bridges and Cameron Thomas have to do so much of the scoring.   

Having someone like Claxton step up as a real scoring threat could give Coach Kevin Ollie a three-pronged attack.  

"I want him to be able to play freely, not be confined." As Ollie always says, "Let him make little mistakes, but make them with the right intentions." Ollie talked about Clax's offensive potential before the Memphis game.   

He's our center." Once we pass it to him in the high post, we can stop it and get a few layups from it. In our flash game, we want to play with that kind of flow. 

Most people didn't think Nic would be the Nets' scoring hub. Players like Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid are called "hubs" because they can make plays, but Clax has been getting better at that too.  

Coach Ollie can get the most out of Claxton by giving him the ball as the offense gets better. When Clax changes from being known as only a lob threat, it's a big deal.   

As you can see, that's not his only skill. He also likes hook shots and the occasional mid-range spot-up jump shot.  

Clax will be very important for Brooklyn's progress now that Coach Ollie has given him a central role. It would be hard to grow quickly, but Claxton is only 24 years old, so he still has a lot of room to grow.  

With Bridges and Thomas scoring so well, adding Clax as a third option could take this team to the next level. His defense is already one of the best in the league, but if he can become an All-Star on attack, Brooklyn could make the playoffs in the future.  

Clax is liked by Coach Ollie, which should be good for everyone in the Nets organization because Nic will get better over time with Ollie watching out for him and helping him play his best.  

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