Lakers News: Darvin Ham Explains Strategy For Helping Spencer Dinwiddie Get Comfortable In LA


When it comes to adjusting to life as a member of the Purple and Gold, guard Spencer Dinwiddie of the Los Angeles Lakers has had a difficult time.  

His play in his first eight games in Los Angeles has been average to bad. But it takes time to get used to everything, and being a Laker is no different.   

Although he's had good and bad times, he's inconsistent. Head coach Darivn Ham gave the 30-year-old guard guidance in a recent interview with the media, including OC Register's Khobi Price. Ham summarizes his message to Dinwiddie.   

As the team got ready for its home game against the Washington Wizards on Thursday, Coach Darvin Ham said, "I basically told him to be aggressive and let us figure it out around you."  

He gets into the paint a lot to find the right pass or play for his teammates, which is great." When you get through the defense, though, they will tell you what to do with the ball about 90% of the time.  

"So just telling him to be mean." In the second half, he was really stepping it up, and he ended up going for an early offensive attack.  

He got to the basket and made the shot, and I yelled at him to attack. To make him feel good about being aggressive, I want him to be aggressive.   

Everyone in the locker room is okay with him being aggressive. It will happen. He is getting through it. Wednesday was a big step in the right way, and I think it will keep going.  

Dinwiddie has played in eight games with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has averaged 5.5 points per game, 36.4% shooting, 3.6 assists, 0.8 rebounds, and 0.5 steals in 23.8 minutes of action.   

Despite the fact that it has not been as smooth of a transition as many people anticipated it would be, Dinwiddie should start to find his groove now that there are still a lot of games left.   

During the Clippers' comeback victory, he had his greatest game, which consisted of seven points, six assists, and two boards in twenty minutes. His performance was very impressive.  

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