LeBron James claims Michael Jordan wouldn't average 50 in today’s NBA


The National Basketball Association (NBA) of today has several detractors, mostly due to the fact that the league has placed a significant emphasis on the offensive side of the ball.  

It is not uncommon for teams to be close to the century mark during the halftime of some games, in contrast to the past, when games often ended with scores hanging around the 100-point mark.   

In between a million foul calls and enough three-pointers to twist Steph Curry's head, many fans have questioned how NBA legends like Michael Jordan would fare today.  

James spoke out on the "Road Trippin'" podcast and boldly said that Jordan wouldn't score 50 points like many people think he would if he were playing in the NBA today.  

In terms of the game, LeBron is a learner. He is well-versed on the history of the game as well as the players who laid the groundwork for the modern era of basketball.  

In light of this, it is important for people to take note of his statement that it is impolite to presume that Jordan would average fifty points. 

The players of today are larger, faster, and stronger than their predecessors as a result of developments in training, nutrition, and technology.  

Due to the fact that teams are putting more emphasis on speed and three-point shooting rather than the more traditional post-up and isolation plays, the tempo of the game has also substantially increased.  

Even though Jordan was one of the best scorers in NBA history, it might not be fair to the players who are currently the best to think that he could score more than he did in his time.  

It doesn't matter how brilliant you were in your era or how excellent you are to play in any era; such behaviour is simply disrespectful.  

In the event that this is the true, I believe that men will average fifty during their era, which is the era in which they played.

Betting against Jordan not doing so is foolish. Jordan always improved and became outstanding due to his ferocious competitiveness and unwavering work ethic.   

In addition, the rules of the game currently favour attacking players, whereas during Jordan's period, the game was far more physical and focused on defence.   

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